A Guide To Laser Hair Removal

A Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is every women’s dream. Seriously, whoever invented it, I bow down to you. Yes, it can be pricey but it’s such a good investment! I worked out that I was spending 4 years worth of money that I would’ve spent on waxing my legs, on 6 sessions of laser treatment for my legs. It’s pretty decent when you think of it like that!

I’ve been to 4 different laser clinics, just because I wanted to try different types of laser and some of the clinics had amazing offers on at the time.

I started doing laser on my legs because I had really bad folliculitis. I went to the doctor, dermatologist, ayuvedic doctor, tried topical creams, even tried lying in the sun with tumeric on my legs (it’s supposed to bleach your skin) but nothing was working. Folliculitis is basically when the hair grows under the skin and it can leave horrible scars and pigmentation. My legs were completely covered in scars, even when I waxed it still looked like I had hair on my legs because there was so much pigmentation.

After dealing with it for 7 years, I had had enough and I literally begged my mum to let me get laser hair removal. With no hair or less hair, laser seemed like the perfect solution for folliculitus, and it was! I had my legs lasered and then moved onto other body areas, and eventually had laser done head to toe.

If you’re like my mum and you’re really sceptical about laser hair removal, I hope this blog post will answer your concerns and will make you feel more at ease. I’ll talk about:

  • My experience at 4 different laser clinics
  • Do’s & dont’s
  • FAQs about laser
  • Why Dermis Clinic is the best laser clinic that I’ve been to so far

(Also, my mum doesn’t know that I’ve laser done head to toe, she would literally have a cow if she found out, so if anyone knows my mum, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention anything haha! And mum, if you’re reading this…well you shouldn’t have given me your hair genes).

[Note: All advice is from my own experience, I am not giving medical or professional advice]

The Questions

1. Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

I’m not going to sugar coat this, yes, it hurts!

It also depends on which area you have lasered. The least painful areas in my opinion are the more fatty areas, like the thighs and arms. The most painful areas are bony areas, such as the face, especially the forehead, and the bottom half of your legs.

The pain also depends on the type of laser that you use, which I’ll explain in the next point.

2. Different types of Laser Hair Removal: Soprano Ice vs. Elite vs. IPL?

I’ve had 2 types of laser;  Soprano Ice and Cynosure Elite+.

  • Soprano Ice – perfect for those who really can’t stand pain, although it is more pricey. A cooling gel is put on your skin whilst carrying out the laser which really helps! You might feel a warm sensation and the odd prick here and there, but apart from that you can’t feel much. However, it’s been said that it’s not as good as Cynosure Elite+.
  • Cynosure Elite+ – it hurts but it’s more effective and it’s also slightly cheaper. A lot of clinics tend to use this type of laser. No cooling gel is used but the laser blasts out cool air on your skin at the same time the laser penetrates the skin. In my opinion, it still hurts! Some practitioners advise taking 2 painkillers 30 mins before attending your appointment, which I do and it actually helps. You can also try using numbing cream.
  • IPL –  for fairer skin, I haven’t had it done because I’m too dark for this type of laser. I’ve heard that it hurts slightly less but doesn’t work as well as the other two types of laser.

3. What does laser feel like?

People often say that laser feels like pin pricks, which it does to be honest. Very sharp pin pricks.

4. Is it safe?

I visited 2 laser clinics with my mum and she came with me to every appointment asking the same questions ‘Are you sure it’s safe? Are you sure it doesn’t cause skin cancer?’

The laser only penetrates the skin, it doesn’t go any deeper than skin deep, making it safe. Also, you can get the occassional skin burn from the laser, I’ve been burnt a couple of times. It doesn’t hurt though and it heals. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the technician is bad, they’re human and they make mistakes, but it’s just one of those things that can happen, just so you’re aware.

5. Is Laser Hair Removal effective and permanent?

In some areas, yes, you might have patches of hair that don’t grow back.

In other areas, no, but the hair is significantly reduced. After about a year of having my legs lasered, the hair started to grow back. Our body goes through hormonal changes, especially when we’re younger or pregnant, which affects the hair growth. Don’t be disappointed if this happens, just go for a laser top up.

There have been some areas of my body where the laser hasn’t worked at all, e.g. my arms. Not sure why this happens, but for stubborn areas you’ll need to pay for a lot more sessions, possibly up to 12 sessions.

6. Laser Hair Removal on the Face

I get asked about this a looot!

Does it hurt? Yes, not going to lie, I thought it was the most painful area but it’s so worth it.

Some people react to the laser. My face tends to break out after a laser session, it’s nothing horrific and it calms down within a week.

6 sessions on your face might not be enough for some people. I’ve had 6 and I’m still going for top ups.

I’ve heard of people’s hair growing back thicker on their face during a course of laser treatement. It can happen, but you’ll just need to go for more sessions.

And yes, you will need to shave your face. It’s weird I know, but think of it as bonding time with your boyfriend/hubby… The hair shouldn’t grow back thicker as the laser is thinning the hair.

7. Only go to a clinic!

Only get laser done at a clinic with people who have been professionally trained. There are lots of hair salons or other type of salons which have a laser hair removal service. I know people who have gone to these salons and then complain that the laser isn’t working. These people are trained as hair stylists, not laser technicians. Don’t be tempted by the cheaper prices, look for a laser clinic which has good offers as an alternative.

8. Can I wax inbetween sessions?

NO! Don’t do it, only shave.

You’ll need to go for a laser session every 4-6 weeks and that’s because of where the hair is in it’s growth cycle. If you wax the hair, you’re basically starting the growth cycle all over again, which won’t make the laser effective.

9. How many sessions will I need for Laser Hair Removal?

Most people have 6 sessions which is usually recommended. Some area’s might need more sessions though. I know people who have had 12 sessions on one area.

10. Can I go in the sun?

During the course of your laser treatment, the clinician will advise you to avoid he sun. After the course is finished you can go in the sun, but the sun seriously damages our skin so I’m still a bit cautious about it.

I would say the best time to get laser done is during winter, the sun isn’t around as much and you’ll be hair-free for the next summer.

Recommended Laser Clinics

Dermis Clinic – Affordable Laser Hair Removal

I love this place! Here’s why:

  • Reasonable prices and amazing results

I had head to toe laser done here for £1499, which is a great price as most clinics charge £2000-£3000+.

  • Flexible financial plans

I was able to split the cost over 6 sessions, making it easier for me to finance the treatment.

  • Friendly and professional technicians

The technicians are so lovely and so easy to have a chat with. If I need a break from the pain I can just ask the technician to stop for a while, whereas in one place that I had laser they wouldn’t stop, even if it hurt!

I’ve already recommended 2 of my friends to this clinic and I would recommend this clinic to everyone! They’re a small clinic, based in South London and they’ve recently opened a clinic in Essex. They’ve also expanded their services and now offer a range of treatments, from derma fillers to skincare treatments.

Destination Skin – Best Clinic for Offers

I had my first every laser treatment done here and paid £600 for laser on my legs. The actual price was between £800-£1000. They have a lot of offers on throughout the year so I managed to get the treatment for much less.

I did have a little bit of a bad experience here though. When I first started the treatment I had a lady who lasered my legs in literally about 20 minutes, it was so quick. I was surprised at how fast she did it, but when I went for my next treatment I was told that this lady had been fired for not doing the laser properly. I then asked for the most experience laser technician who was a lot better. This is probably a very rare incident though.

Despite my minor bad experience there, Destination Skin are actually a great clinic with lots of services. They’re a chain of clinics so they can be found all around the UK.

NakedHealth MediSpa – Soprano Ice Laser

This is also another good clinic. I had Soprano Ice laser done here, the results were great and I hardly felt any pain. This clinic is slightly more expensive because of the type of laser that they use.

The technician was really professional and she put my mum at ease about the safety of laser (my mum literally asked 101 questions about safety).

The Garden Skin Clinic

This is probably one laser clinic that isn’t on the top of my list of recommendations. Based in Purley, the prices are extortionate and I didn’t see any results with the Soprano Ice laser. Whether that was because I have stubborn hair or the technician didn’t use a high enough setting (I feel like it was the latter), I don’t know. The ladies in the clinic are lovely, but when you’re paying that much for a treatment, you want it to work!



If you have any more questions about laser hair removal, feel free to ask!

Do you recommend any good laser clinics? I’d love to hear about them and your experiences! Let me know in the comment box below or on Instagram or Twitter