Fitness Tea Review: Transcendence Tea

Fitness Tea Review: Transcendence Tea

Drinking tea and gymming are 2 of my favourite past times, and Transcendence Tea have the perfect product to accompany both.

I trialed the ‘Dragon‘ Transcendence Tea for 2 weeks and I’ll be telling you about the results in this blog post. This fitness tea is designed to enhance your athletic performance as well as improving your overall health.

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About the ‘Dragon’ Transcendence Tea

Transcendence Tea create premium quality tea’s to improve your health. The 2 co-founders, Alex and Chris, are gym bunnies themselves and train intensively. They have extensively researched the benefits of drinking high-quality tea and so created their own tea to enhance the body and brains performance.

There are 3 choices of tea; Altitude, Dragon and Repair, each targeting different aspects of improving your athletic performance.

I chose the Dragon tea (aka Long Jing tea) as I tend to lack in energy after work before I go to the gym and I am also constantly cold! Here are the benefits of the Dragon tea:

  • Increased strength and power
  • Increased focus
  • Increased protein synthesis and energy
  • Body temperature regulation

The Dragon tea contains caffeine, Vitamin C and amino acids which have a performance enhancing effect and can be used as an energy source.


The Results

You know that bitter taste you get from green tea sometimes? That’s because the temperature of the water is too high and burns the leaves. In fact, you’re not actually supposed to use boiling water with any tea.

You can tell that the Dragon Tea is pure and directly from China. The leaves are very sensitive to hot water and can taste really bitter with a high temperature. On the packaging, the advised water temperature is 85C so try and stick to this.

The tea is refreshing and gives that sort of detoxifying feeling that green tea usually has.

Did it help to regulate my body temperature? Of course it warmed me up when drinking it, but I wouldn’t say that it helped to regulate my body temperature. But then again, I hardly have any fat on me so no wonder I’m always cold!

I was hoping that the tea would give me a caffeine buzz, but I don’t sleep very well so I still had to rely on tea or coffee to give me a real kick in the morning.

As for enhancing my performance, I wouldn’t say that the tea made me feel ‘stronger’ or gave more ‘power’ as such, but the tea is great for maintaining my high metabolism.


Would I Recommend Transcendence Tea?

If you’re looking for pure and traditional Chinese tea, then yes, I would recommend Transcendence Tea.

If you’re looking for a tea to give you an energy boost, then this probably isn’t the best choice for you.



Thanks so much for sending over this tea guys! Can’t wait to sip on it whilst reading a book.