Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

It’s been a while since I posted a sketch, but I’ve had more time on my hands recently which means I can focus on my art, whaay!

I’ve been on the job hunt for the past month and it’s been a little tough. I’m sure there are some of you who understand the struggle. Job hunting can become tedious and frustrating, but it’s so important to keep yourself motivated.

Art is one of the things that keeps me going. I get totally lost in it; I lose track of time and forget about everything around me. It keeps me focused and reminds me of my capabilities. And anyways, you can’t spend every second of every day applying for jobs!

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to sketch celebrities who inspire me, which usually consist of successful business women. I love hearing stories about women who have built their own empire, it goes against stereotypes and assumptions about women.

For International Women’s Day I drew Angela Ahrendts and Emma Watson.  I went for a more simple style of sketching rather than my over-detailed sketches. Fine lines and simple shading reflect the femininity of these wonderful ladies on the outside, whilst they are focused and brave on the inside.

If you don’t know who Angela Ahrendts is, she eradicates all concepts of the ‘glass ceiling’. Ex-CEO of Burberry and now Senior Vice President of Apple, married, and 2 kids. She is quite literally Superwoman ( & a marketing guru).



When I heard Emma Watson’s speech on Equality for UN Women last year, I just fell in love with her. It was one of the smartest speeches I’ve heard about gender equality, so obviously I wanted to sketch someone who positively represents women.


Also, this sketch was posted on the London Snapchat story! How cool is that?!! I enjoyed my few hours of internet fame.

My latest drawing is of the stunning beauty blogger Huda Kattan. What I like about her story is that she took the risk of leaving a finance career to do something that she loves, despite the fact that finance is seen as a more ‘stable’ and ‘respectable’ job. Success really is about following your strengths! She comes across as a genuine and lovely person on Instagram, it’s hard not to like her! Huda has built her ‘HudaBeauty’ empire selling false lashes, lip contours and I’m sure there will be a whole range of makeup in the future. But I do have one complaint…why are these not in the UK yet??! *sob*