Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week

Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week

I pretty much jumped at the opportunity of becoming an official blogger for Female Entrepeneur Week (FEW). I absolutely love seeing people achieve their dreams, but I find it particularly inspirational when I see businesswomen and/or mother’s building an incredible life for themselves, hence why I sketch so many inspiring businesswomen.

I think one of the reasons that I look up to businesswomen is because women are often taught from a young age to always keep marriage and kids in mind first, not their career, but I honestly think that finding your purpose in life, following your passion and making something of yourself is more of a priority. Also, factors such as pregnancy or motherhood do actually effect women in the working world. They’re less likely to be promoted or even employed. More women are actually choosing entrepreneurship over climbing up the corporate ladder for that reason.

What is FEW?

Female Entrepreneur Week (21st June Р30th June 2017) is an online festival supporting ambitious women who want to become their own boss.

The week will consist of lectures about:

  • how to grow your business
  • creating quality copy to attract clients
  • branding
  • how to be the boss of your finances
  • how to become an influencer,
  • how to attract more clients through Facebook ads
  • how to maximise your profits

I’ll be updating you on how the week went and I’ll share any useful tips that I came across during the course.

If you’re looking to start your own business, interested in getting to know some female entrepreneurs or you think you may want to become an entrepeneur in the future, then sign up to the FEW newsletter to find out more or join the Facebook Group to have a chat to the entrepeneurs.