Review: Pink Parcel Subscription Box

Review: Pink Parcel Subscription Box

No one likes talking about periods…and that’s why I’ve written a whole post about it haha!

I attended the We Heart Mondays launch event a few weeks ago where I met some pretty cool brands. One of them was the ‘Pink Parcel‘ which is a monthly subscription box for your ‘time of the month’.

One of the aims of the Pink Parcel is to remove the stigma of period talk and I think it’s a brilliant idea! I don’t mind talking about periods with my girl friends, but guys get really weird about it and it’s annoying! No offence guys, but you don’t get to make faces at us and tell us we’re gross when we’re on our periods. We’re the one’s going through the pain, skin breakouts, hot flushes, cravings and not to mention the emotional rollercoaster. Periods are gross, we get it, we don’t like them either, but we’re the one’s who have to go through them every month.



Why should we remove the stigma of periods?

Here’s one of the reasons I think we need to remove the stigma of periods…

Once I went in late to work because I had really bad period pains in the morning (I have endometriosis so my period pains feel like I’m giving birth to the devil). I was meeting a friend after work and I knew by then that my period pains would be more tolerable, so I did my makeup ready for there evening then went to work. When I got to work my male boss looked at me and said ‘Oh Ramona you look really ill’ in a super sarcastic tone. Then he said to my other male colleague ‘Doesn’t Ramona look so ill?’ which also put my colleague in an awkward position.

I was really pissed off because firstly he didn’t bother asking what was actually wrong, and secondly there’s no need to embarrass me in front of other colleagues. I wanted to save my male boss and I the embarrassment of talking about how I was bleeding the River Nile from my body so I just kept quiet. Looking back on it I wish I had embarrassed him though..

Every job I’ve had I’ve felt so awkward asking if I can work from home or take a sick day when I’m on my period (sometimes the pain is unbearable), and because it’s mostly men in higher positions in the workplace, it’s often them that we have to ask time off for. Women go through this every month and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about it.

Also, when girls first start their periods it’s embarrassing. I remember at school when girls used to gossip about the first girl in the year to start their period. Even though periods aren’t nice, they can also be cool guys, it’s your first step into womanhood!


What’s in the Pink Parcel

This monthly period subscription box is like a box of heaven for periods, it’s sanitary towels galore! You can choose tampons if you prefer or a mix of both.



The best bit is the little box of girly goodies which include a makeup brush, tea, skincare products, chocolate and makeup to perk you up.


You can even choose which date you want the box so that it arrives in time for your period!



You can get all of this starting from £12.99, which is a pretty good price considering one box of sanitary towels costs round £3 (which we also get taxed on ladies, hmph!)

Thanks so much for my box Pink Parcel, it definitely perked me up this month!

(P.S. The box comes with a leaflet and this month it gave info for checking for breast cancer. Remember to stay aware guys!)




Lots of love,