Review: Vieve Protein Water

Review: Vieve Protein Water

If you’re a gym bunny like me but you’re not a fan of protein shakes, it can be a right bummer! (Hence why I use protein powder to make snacks/desserts instead). However, Vieve have come up with a brilliant solution; protein water! It’s a flavoured water with 20g of protein.

Vieve gave me 3 flavours and I’m going to tell you about the taste and health benefits of these drinks.




I met Vieve at Scarlett London’s Bloggers Festival and I told them that I’m a gym addict but protein shakes make me feel a bit sick. As much as I’d love to have a protein shake after every workout, I just can’t bring myself to do it, and so I feel like I’m working out but not sustaining my muscle.

Also I find powder a bit messy, a lot of the time they spill in my gym bag or if I forget to wash my protein shaker it absolutely reeks the next day.



Vieve told me about their drinks, which are surprisingly tasty! I’m not a fan of coconut but even the Coconut Honey flavour protein water tastes good! Here are the flavours that they gave me:

Sounds good right? All these flavours are sweet and refreshing and they’re currently on offer, reduced from £14 for a 6 pack to £6 for 6!

Health benefits of Vieve

Vieve drinks are:

  • Sugar free
  • Low calorie
  • High protein (20g per 500ml bottle)
  • Fat free

What I like about this drink is that it lasts me nearly the whole day and I can have it as a snack. If you want to try the product, Vieve are offering samples at £2.99!



Thanks so much Vieve! 2 years perfecting the flavours was worth it. Can’t wait to have more of these drinks after my workout.




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