The Liebster Awards

The Liebster Awards


I have been nominated by the lovely blogger Sanoobar Unscripted for The Liebster Awards! So exciting!

The Liebster Award is an award that is only available on the internet. Bloggers nominate other bloggers and ask questions that they’d like to know about the bloggers. The blogging community is so supportive, I love it!


Who is Sanoobar Unscripted?

I met Sanoobar at one of Scarlett London’s blog events. After our fabulous and very diva-ish Voga sesion (yoga and vogueing) we briefly got chatting about our blogs.

Sanoobar’s Instagram feed is adorned with lifestyle, fashion and travel pictures with a pretty pink hue. I love her recent posts about all the afternoon tea’s that she’s been to (well jel!).

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The Questions

Sanoobar sent over 7 questions that she’d like to know about me and the other bloggers that she nominated. Here goes:

1. Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most?

It’s really hard to choose one! I’ve been incredibly lucky to have parents who love travelling which has given me the opportunity to visit so many countries. My favourite is probably Tanzania. I went on a safari trip there and it was incredible! From seeing a white rhino to our car breaking down in the middle of the Ngorongoro crater and thinking we were going to be eaten alive by lions, it was all such a fun experience. We also visited the local people and got the chance to look inside their huts which was very cool. Tanzania has so much culture, if you ever get the chance to go on a safari, go!

2. If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why?

Beyonce ha! She is literally my super heroine. I think it’s so incredible how she influences thousands of people through her passion for singing. The life that she has built for herself is amazing, you can tell that she works insanely hard and won’t accept anything less than the standards that she sets herself. Also, have you ever seen her live? She has the energy of 100 dogs on crack, I wish I had that kind of energy, I’m like a 70 year old granny.

Earrings from Rani & Co.

3. If you could only use one make up product, what would it be and why?

Liquid eyeliner. It gives your eyes that pop. I don’t have great skin, so foundation may have been the obvious choice, but I’ve learnt to embrace my acne over the past years and accept that it’s part of who I am, I’m proud of that.

4. What is your karaoke song?

Oh gosh I hate karaoke! I’m super shy when it comes to singing infront of people. I do love a good rap to Kevin G’s mathlete rap from Mean Girls though.

5. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to show my art to the world and blogging has given me that opportunity. Also, I had just finished an internship and I felt a little lost so I had a short break between my next job. My mum gave me the idea of starting a blog and that’s how it happened. In my break I also started creating my own healthy baking recipes, so I thought I’d throw that into the mix as well.

6. If you snog, marry or avoid any celebrity, who would they be?

Avoid Mark Wahlberg, he looks so angry all the time! I feel frustrated just watching him in movies. Snog Trey Songz and marry Channing Tatum. We’d have a dance off at our wedding (he’d win obviously) and then he’d write me romantic letters like in Dear John (a girl can dream okay!).

7. What’s your number 1 blogging tip?

Invest in a good quality camera! Ever since I bought one my engagement has gone up. I bought the Canon EOS M3, it’s a great quality camera and it’s compact so you can carry it around in your bag. It’s a good camera if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend loads.


My Nominations

I nominate:

Here are my questions:

  • You’re stuck on an island. What 3 things do you have with you?
  • What don’t you like about blogging?
  • Do you have any tips for growing your following on social media?
  • What’s your favourite blog post that you’ve written?
  • Which bloggers do you look up to?
  • Name 3 celebs that you’d kiss, marry and avoid
  • What is your dream job?

Here are the rules for the awards.